Sydney Crowder

I have lived in Washington County, TN my entire life. Growing up in Limestone, I watched my father run for Washington County Commission countless times without success. Something always stood in the way. As I got older, I came face-to-face with the barrier that stopped him—the ‘good ole boys club.’ The ‘good ole boys club’ and the cultivation of southern politics has inspired me to change the political face of Washington County.

In 2016, I graduated from East Tennessee State University with two bachelor’s degrees: one in Criminal Justice and the other in Political Science. In 2017, I was again admitted to ETSU to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration.

I am passionate about change in Washington County, not just politically, but economically and socially. That is what also motivated me to be active in ETSU’s college Democrats, the Tri-Cities’ chapter for Mom’s Demand Action, and serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for Nancy Fischman’s 2016 Tennessee State House District 6 race.

This work and my education have taught me that the more concerned citizens get involved, the easier it will be to see the change we want to see; the easier it will be to get candidates elected who are not members of the ‘good ole boys club.’