Joe Buckles

I ran for the position of Vice Chair because of a need. There was a need for more active people in the party who could do more to get Democrats elected and grow an understanding of what it is we stand for.
There have been a lot of challenges for me (from my health, to raising a child alone, even putting myself through school in my 30s) but I’ve been lucky. Lucky to have a daughter who loves me, a job that gives me the flexibility to both be involved in the community and genuinely help people as a financial advisor. Lucky to have the support of so many people in the community who stop me to say hi or thank me for the work the party has done. And lucky to be surrounded by a leadership team that gets noticed across the state for the work that’s been accomplished.
Over the next two years, I’m excited to see the formation of a Washington County Young Democrats group. Of creating more events for people to get involved. Of training people to run for office and manage campaigns. Of building a precinct based organization to get people to the polls. And to finally see our values represented from small commissions deciding how we treat our most vulnerable citizens, to our city, county, and Jonesborough commissions, all the way to the halls of Washington where they will understand that the people have had enough.
I’m proud of the work that’s been done and the bridges we’ve built and look forward to pulling together like-minded groups to make Republicans realize they cannot write this area off as non-competitive anymore.