Executive Committee

Executive Committee

John Baker

Bio coming soon.

Adam Dickson

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Nancy Fischman

Bio coming soon.

Jennifer Gardner

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have always cared about helping people. My involvement in the WCDP provides me with great opportunity to make a positive difference in our community. I feel privileged to serve as Co-Chair of the Events and Fundraising Committee.

Bill Garris

Bill Garris, Ph.D. is a local educator who has called Northeast Tennessee home for the past ten years. A former Republican and conservative, he gradually came to realize fifteen years ago that communities that communities of people fare better if they share resources and work cooperatively toward common goals.

Michael Gilly

Michael is a local attorney with an eye towards a blue Washington County. Born and raised in Kingsport, he moved to Johnson City while attending East Tennessee State University and decided to return to the area after completing law school at Mercer University School of Law in 2016. He believes that community outreach is the best path forward for our party and he works to make sure the community knows how Democrats can help them.

Mike Morgan

I retired from the Navy in 2009. I taught Nuclear Physics and Electrical Engineering at the National Engineering Laboratory in the early 1990s. I graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In 2016, I left the Republican party after realizing they do not represent my own core values of equality and opportunity for all. I am a single father of 5 kids, 3 of which are still at home. Tennessee has been my home since 1995.

Michelle Treece

I am a fairly new member to this organization and am eager to see this party grown and for myself become a more beneficial and active face in our community.

Ron Webster

Bio coming soon.